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GM Contracting, LLC offers a variety of industrial construction services in Texas and surrounding areas.


New Construction - Residential and Commercial
Remodeling - Residential and Commercial
Electrical Services
Industrial Plant Maintenance
Ground Stabilization and Upkeep
Concrete & Asphalt


Reuben Goldstein

Operations Manager

Reuben has owned and operated the manufacturing, importing, and distribution of precious stones and metals for a wholesale jewelry company which he sold in 1988. At that time, he owned and ran a chain of retail stores which he sold in 2011. His experience outside of these companies also include investments in startup companies, real estate ventures, financial institutions, and a construction company. The construction company specializes in residential and commercial markets, large machine shops, steel forging factories, pipe and scrap yards, and oil field related production companies.

Ron Moore

Sales Manager


Ron Moore has managed, owned, and sold many companies that he built up over the past 40 years. These include construction companies that built and remodeled homes, companies that built concession stands at the old University of Houston football stadium, companies that laid foundations for strip centers and parking lots, and companies that constructed metal warehouses and office buildings. Ron also built, ran, and eventually sold one of the largest independent scrap metal companies in Houston. Ron's construction background, as well as his background and experience with the scrap metal business and dismantling, has made him very familiar with working inside chemical and oil refineries, and has given Ron extensive knowledge of the steel industry.